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Purdue Football: Looking Ahead, Wide Receivers

Hello, we are loaded at this position now.

Purdue v Indiana Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

We are on to wide receivers. We lose a few key pieces at the position and are pretty young there with most of the receivers being from last year’s class or the 2019 class. While there is not a lot of experience, there is a lot of talent in the wide receiver room and a bunch of play makers.

Look for these guys to make a huge impact in the Brohmfense this upcoing season.

Losses (Transfers & Graduation):

Tyler Hamilton (Transfer)

Isaac Zico (Graduation)

Terry Wright (Graduation)

Keyron Catlett (Transfer)

Jarrett Burgess (Graduation)

Benaiah Franklin (Transfer)


Rondale Moore - Sophomore, 5’9”, 180 Pounds, Career Stats - 114 Catches, 1258 Yards, 12 Touchdowns

Pros: Everything. He does everything correct.

Cons: Nothing. He does nothing wrong.

Prediction: Heisman. :)

Amad Anderson Jr. - RS Freshman, 5’11”, 180 Pounds - Career Stats -N/A

Pros: Very good at route running, quick first step, ideal size for a slot receiver.

Cons: Not very strong, struggles with getting away from press coverage.

Prediction: Back up slot receiver, hard to get many reps away from Rondale Moore, see Jackson Anthrop.

Jared Sparks - RS Junior, 6’1”, 210 Pounds, Career Stats - 28 Catches, 274 Yards, 0 Touchdowns

Pros: Jared has great size and ability. He came in as a quarterback and got some run as a wildcat quarterback in year one of Jeff Brohm, but this season, he was switched to exclusively Wide Receiver. He is extremely athletic and smart, it will take time to adjust.

Cons: Last season, his route running was not sharp and he had a case of the drops mid season, which explained why Terry Wright started to get more of a run at outside wide receiver mid to late season.

Prediction: Rotation at outside receiver.

Jackson Anthrop - Junior, 5’11”, 185 Pounds, Career Stats - 55 Catches, 477 Yards, 5 Touchdowns

Pros: Jackson is the most reliable player on the entire football team. He is one of the hardest workers as well. Before Rondale came in, he had a great opening year with Coach Brohm, but Rondale Moore is, well Rondale Moore. He is a great special teamer. He is also a very crafty route runner.

Cons: Jackson is fast, but is not overly athletic in comparison to the other slot receivers on the team.

Prediction: Rotation at slot receiver and outside receiver (he needs to be on the field, 4th year WR)

Kory Taylor - RS Freshman, 6’5”, 215 Pounds, Career Stats - N/A

Pros: His size and combo of speed are a rare mix. He is a 4.5 forty guy with great speed. Last year, he looked entirely too skinny to be on the field, hence the redshirt, he has gotten stronger and he may be able to get on the field this season.

Cons: Strength is his biggest issue, but that may have been resolved with a year in the weight room, when I saw him at practice last year, he seemed to have pretty good hands and deep threat ability.

Prediction: Reserve at Outside Receiver.

Jordan Bonner - RS Freshman, 6’2”, 200 Pounds, Career Stats - N/A

Pros: Bonner is a big strong wide receiver that needed a redshirt to learn the playbook and refine his route running skills. He has the ability to go deep and go across the middle.

Cons: While I did not get to see much of Bonner in practice last year, when I did see him, I thought he struggled a bit with run blocking, he will need to get better in this area to play.

Prediction: Reserve at Outside Receiver


T.J. Sheffield - Freshman, 5’11”, 175 Pounds

Pros: Shifty route runner that will be a good slot receiver for the Brohmfense. Has soft hands and ability to go across the middle and outrun linebackers or safeties.

Cons: A little thin to play this year, will need a year in the Purdue weight room.

Prediction: Redshirt.

Milton Wright - Freshman, 6’3”, 190 Pounds

Pros: May be our best deep ball receiver the moment he gets on campus. He has nice speed and size to go up and get those deep balls if contested.

Cons: Route Running could improve, he seems a little stiff on routes.

Prediction: Rotation at outside receiver.

David Bell - Freshman, 6’2”, 185 Pounds

Pros: Might be the 2nd best receiver on the roster when he gets to campus this summer. Bell has all of the tools the be a great 4 year player at Purdue, has solid speed, soft hands and will be the best athlete on the field.

Cons: Runs a 4.6 forty, this is serviceable, but it could be better.

Prediction: Rotation at outside receiver.

Mershawn Rice - 6’2”, 185 Pounds

Pros: Great athletic ability to play receiver for us. Can go up and get the ball, but also get across the middle and outrun corners in man coverage.

Cons: Split time on defense and offense during high school, so still learning the position of wide receiver. His routes need some work.

Prediction: Redshirt