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A Walk For Tyler Trent

Here is another opportunity to raise money for the Tyler Trent Endowment for Cancer Research

Purdue v Indiana Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

His legacy continues to thrive and it will never falter.

Tyler Trent is a Purdue Icon, he will be forever. However Purdue decides to etch him into our history will be done correctly.

There are ways already to remember him and help fight this awful disease of Cancer. There is the Riley Fund in Tyler’s Name, the Purdue Endowment in his name, you can pre-order his book and a portion will go to Cancer Research.

But, as we remember and smile back on what Tyler meant to our great University and what Tyler meant to citizens around the United States, who he came in touch with and ways he positively affected our lives.

Now, a Purdue Student, Aaron Lai, will walk 100 miles, from Purdue to IU on February 17th walking to the rivalry game. There is a go fund me for this and the Walter Foundation will match whatever is raised for this 100 mile long walk.

Lets continue to support Tyler and his dream to find a cure for cancer by helping Aaron raise money for this great cause. Boilers help Boilers, lets get this viral! Boiler Up!