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Tyler Trent Reportedly Passes Away

Give it up to Tyler, who has fought the good fight and finished the race.

Purdue v Indiana

Sad news out of Carmel tonight. Tyler Trent, the super Purdue fan, has reportedly passed away per a family member’s instagram:

The Purdue Cancer Center has also reported it:

I thought this was coming because Tyler did not look good at the Music City Bowl last Friday. I think there was also a clue to his health as there was no in-game interview like there was against Ohio State and Indiana. He made it back home and apparently passed away earlier today.

Tyler is still a great inspiration, however. One of his final acts was to work on a book about the incredible upset over Ohio State and how he hoped to help upset cancer in the long run. He has inspired millions around the country, and proceeds from his book will go towards cancer research as he had a final goal of raising more than $1 million.

You have fought hard, Tyler. May you rest easy. May God Bless your family and your legacy live on.