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US Vice President Mike Pence Visits Sydney - Day 2
What I can only assume is the EMU head coach.
Photo by Peter Parks-Pool/Getty Images

Jumbo Heroes (0-1) Says:

While last week was a bit disappointing in that the team was uneven on both sides of the ball, the turnover differential was -3 against Purdue, and of course Purdue ultimately lost. This week though Purdue faces an opponent that should be much easier to tame. So let’s get into predictions shall we?

There’s just no way Purdue is gonna lose this game. I know that’s an absurd thing to say given the recent history of this team but despite last week’s loss I’m all in on Brohm and ready to go on this team. Let’s just hope the team can find a consistent rhythm. If this team struggles right off the bat we might have a bit of a problem on our hands. Given this team is a MAC team and we are Purdue I don’t think I can, in good conscious pick against Purdue. Plus, Purdue has this guy you might’ve heard of called Rondale Moore. He’s gonna continue to put on a show. Let’s hope the other receivers can compliment him and Purdue gets themselves a steady clip.

Purdue 42

EMU 17

Travis (0-1) Says:

I really, really hope this is as easy as I hope it will be. I still feel burned from the Hazell/Hope era when we were a pitiful 4-5 against the MAC. I think we’re going to have a game similar to the Ohio game last year where Purdue is in control throughout and wins by 3-4 scores. We get a little bit of both quarterbacks and some general tweaking in all phases. That is what these MAC games are supposed to be when you’re a Big Ten team, not a “dear God please don’t let us blow this”.

Purdue 41

Eastern Michigan 17

Juan (0-1) Says:

EMU isn’t exactly the old push-over team that we used to see a few years ago. Granted, they’re not world beaters either, but they’re a team that deserves some respect. I think Purdue’s defense will get tested early on, and we may see a slow start from the offense. But eventually, we will see Purdue knock down the wall a bit more effectively, and come away with a win.

Purdue 31,

The EMU Emus 17

Casey (0-0) Says:

The first half last week was very discouraging. At halftime it looked like the defensive losses were going to be too much to overcome. Then Purdue fought back and all seemed not loss. Then that dumb penalty. But at least Purdue had the same fight as last year. Sindelar cant be that bad again this week. Blough should feel more comfortable on his knee and the running attack should find some more consistency. Look for a statement game and some trick play magic.

Purdue 55

EMU 20

Kyle (0-1) Says:

Purdue will right the ship after a turnover plagued loss to NW in week one. With 10 days to prep for a directional Michigan team. Purdue will win and cover the 17 point spread.

Purdue 42

Eastern Michigan 17

Holmes (0-1) Says:

Rondale Moore has another big day and Jumbo Heroes is permanently banned from practicing law in the United States after a federal judge declares him too lame to be a lawyer.

Purdue 38

EMU 17

Drew (0-1)

Eli has a rebound game, throws for three touchdowns. The defense has a few hiccups but is good enough,Purdue walks away with it in the second half.

Purdue 31

EMU 17