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Purdue Holds On to Beat Nebraska 42-28

Purdue v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Purdue football is certainly always interesting. At the start of the game we all watched as Nebraska easily marched down the field for a quick touchdown. We mentioned it on the most recent podcast and in our predictions but we thought one of the keys was going to be preventing Nebraska from getting off to a hot start. We wanted to break them. Purdue didn’t EXACTLY do that but the rest of the second half was pretty close. After that quick seven Nebraska wouldn’t put the ball in the endzone until the third quarter. Purdue meanwhile used a steady diet of DJ Knox and the tight ends to put 20 first half points on the board. A couple stalled drives leading to two field goals left us all a little nervous, we are Purdue fans after all. Turns out we had nothing to worry about.

Both teams came out of the half doing nothing but scoring as defense became optional. It made for some exciting football including of course some great catch and runs by Rondale Moore. Possibly my favorite play of the game was the DJ Knox two point conversion. It was just such a beautiful play call and put Purdue up 42-21 and a full three scores which is always important.

Huge credit goes to the offensive line for protecting David Blough very well today. Brohm even had enough room to get, I believe, three big third down conversions with his legs. The defense made just enough plays in the second half to keep the game far enough out of reach. Simeon Smiley made a great interception as Nebraska was trying to drive to go down just seven with plenty of time left. After Purdue continued to go three and out the Purdue defense made two crucial fourth down steps to prevent Nebraska from getting any closer.

This marks the first time that Nebraska has lost 8 games in a row dating back to last season. Something is rotten in Nebraska. They committed over 100 yards in penalties and they committed them at dumb times. Purdue benefited greatly from these boneheaded plays so we will take it. They’ve got a talented QB and a talent RB so the offensive future looks bright there if they put it together.

For Purdue they now will enjoy a bye week and try to maintain this momentum as they look toward Illinois on Oct. 13th. Purdue sits at 2-3 with plenty of room to grow. Things are looking up for Purdue and it’s all thanks to the coaching staff finding what can work for the talent Purdue has.