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Friday Drankin’: Boiler Brewing Company

This was an obvious choice.

The city of Lincoln, Nebraska made it a very easy choice this week for Friday Drankin’. There are five small breweries within walking distance of Memorial Stadium on the campus of Nebraska, but the closest one is literally a half mile walk away and it has a very friendly name.

Boiler Brewing Company

129 N. 10th Street, Suite 8

Lincoln, NE

I mean, how could I not pick a place called Boiler Brewing Company for this feature? I think it is required by law. Boiler Brewing Company has been in business for a little over two years and boasts that it is Nebraska born and brewed. Brewmaster Tim Thomssen is a Nebraska native that was a metalworker before establishing his own brewery. the brewey even has its own Boiler Society, but there is no word on if Purdue alums get autmatic memberships. The tap room serves both beer and food and looks like a very cozy place to spend an evening.

Now, onto the beer.

Bour-ben German Chocolate Cake Batter - 12% ABV - We know this guy named Ben Sintek. He’s the Big Ben of Beer- navigating time in search of the newest, greatest beers. Among other beers, Ben loves Barrel Aged, Double Mashed Russian Imperial Stouts. So, it’s only fitting that this beer was named for Ben! Double Mashed RIS aged in Heaven Hill Bourbon Barrels with Toasted Organic Coconut Flakes, Artisanal Cacao Nibs from Sweet Minou, and Ugandan Vanilla Beans. Ben’s new favorite beer batter!

You Got Peanut Butter in My Chocolate - 6% ABV - Oatmeal Stout with gobs of, you guessed it, Chocolate and Peanut Butter. Peanut Butter and Chocolate in beer? Who woulda thunk? Now, not only can you think it, you can drink it!

Upside Down Galaxy That - 7% ABV - Southern hemisphere hop assault! Galaxy galore… Totally Hazy And Turbid New England Style IPA. A little lighter to the eye and drier on the tongue. There are Stranger Things out there, but not as good. Eleven will love it when she turns 21. 7% ABV

Chelsie R.N. Coffee Berliner Weisse - 4.6% ABV - Chelsie is a server who has been around since day one. She’s always smiling and cheerful and ready to have fun! She just graduated and, is now also a nurse. So we made her favorite Boiler beer and named it after her! Mild sour Berliner with rich Coffee on top of that. Germany to Columbia, then all the way home to Nebraska!

Dean’s California Dreamin’ - 7.5% ABV - Dean the Dream’s been doin’ some dreamin’ of his own. This here’s his updated version of the classic West Coast IPA. Lower, softer bitterness with a dry and crisp flavor profile with all the hops, and then some, that you come to expect! New school, old school, east coast, west coast, east school, old coast, west school, new coast. Welcome to the future, past, and present!

Juanita Valdez - 5.6% ABV - If you think this Columbian Coffee concoction is a dark beer, you thought wrong. Roasty coffee nose followed by coffee notes woven through the subtleties of a Blonde Ale that won’t make you tired. This coffee spiked easy drinker was Lincoln home brewer Matt White inspired.

Boiler-o-Festivus - 5.8% ABV - Oktoberfest Festbier. Is there such a thing? There is now! Octo-amber in color with a higher ABV like a Festbier. Mix malt master and the Liter Stein blaster- dropping summer like a bad habit.

When I finally get to Lincoln for a game this is obviously a must-stop. Since I won’t make it this year and I can get Iowa next year I can’t think of a better place to end my tour of all 14 Big Ten Stadiums.