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Purdue vs. Nebraska Predictions

Boston College v Purdue Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Jumbo Heroes (1-3):

Knowing what we know now about this team, especially the offense, I’m not sure how I would pick the previous weeks. And, I’m not sure what my prediction for the season would be. Very likely it would be different. Alas, we don’t get to make such rehashed predictions here, we have to sit in our decisions. Nevertheless I’ll continue on this train, and struggle mightily. Analyzing this team week by week is no easy task as they seemingly play differently each and every week. Until I see consistency from both the offense and defense I’m reluctant to flip on my picks and think this team has truly changed. Granted, I thought Purdue would lose to BC last week and I was wrong. However, one week does not a season make. Defenses aren’t changed and suddenly good after just one game. I’d love to pick Purdue here against a struggling Nebraska team. Despite my gut saying to pick them my brain keeps fighting back. Instead, I sit here debating with myself who will win a game that is incredibly important to both teams. To tell you the truth in circumstances like this I want to rely on what I want to happen. I’d rather pick Purdue and be wrong than pick against Purdue and have to hope that I’m wrong.

With Nebraska having one of their worst seasons ever I hope Purdue can head into Lincoln and steal a victory that I honestly didn’t think they would get at the start of the season. If the offense can continue how they’ve played these last two games and the defense can play half as well as they did against Boston College I have to believe Purdue can win. Despite my trepidation I’m choosing Purdue.

Purdue 38, Nebraska 28

Travis (2-2):

If Purdue’s offense turned a corner in the last two weeks I think we have this. Nebraska is not a good team right now. they are struggling to move the ball with any consistency and the defense can’t get stops when it needs to. Purdue, at least, is moving the ball. The defense seemed to wake up last week, too. The Boilers need to come out and make an early statement. It is rarely easy winning in Lincoln, but I think Purdue gets it done to move to 2-3.

Purdue 31, Nebraska 24

Juan (1-3):

While Nebraska has struggled this year so far, I am still cautious about this game. If it was in West Lafayette, I would say this is probably a win. But since it’s in Lincoln and our first road game of the year, it won’t come easy. This game might as well be a coin toss, so... *flips coin into the air, lands on Nebraska*. Damn it.

Purdue 28, Nebraska 31

Kyle (2-2):

Nebraska has just looked terrible in every facet of the game so far this year.

Also, Scott Frost ran his mouth.

Purdue 34 , Corntuggers 17

Holmes (2-2):

This seems like a classic “closer than should be at the end” game. One team is coming off a big win, the other a thumping loss, and we should get a better idea of what both teams really are by the end of it all. Also, I hear, even though he is still a huge Purdue fan, Jumbo Heroes likes to wear those big foam cornheads and thinks they look good (this may be too harsh and mean-spirited a joke, and I apologize to JH’s family and friends).

Purdue 34 , Nebraska 31

Drew (1-3):

Purdue’s passing game remains as hot as two a wool sock, the running game enjoys the passing game keeping the safeties back and the defense continues to improve. In his Monday press conference Scott Frost will say, “we get a game we can win next week.” He will later look at the schedule, realize he’s talking about Wisconsin and claim he was actually talking about the intrasquad scrimmage he has planned for Wednesday.

Purdue 35, Nebraska 17