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Boston College Vs. Purdue: 5 Things We Learned

Yes, I am late.

NCAA Football: Boston College at Purdue Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

So, I had some technical difficulties the last couple of days, with not being able to log in. Usually, I do this on Mondays, but here we are on a Wednesday. What are the 5 things we learned from this past weekend?

  1. David Blough is the starter. - After back to back outstanding performances, Coach Brohm has removed the “or” from the depth chart. Blough is the official starter and can sling the ball all over the field apparently. After playing conservative with him the firs two games on dink and dunk passes, Coach Brohm is letting him stretch the field and throw it deep.
  2. Defense was more aggressive. - The defense struggled to get pressure the first three games. This past week they dialed up pressure with blitzes and let the corners play some man coverage. This led to multiple sacks and 4 interceptions from our guys. Will we see the more aggressive defense continue?
  3. Run game is still struggling - Two weeks ago, we rushed for over 300 yards vs EMU. Now, we are struggling in that area. Is there anything we could do to fix it? It seems like the OL loves to pass set and hates to run block.
  4. Kicking game still rough. - Evans was sick on Saturday, which may be why he missed a PAT. Either way, Dellinger looked pretty good and maybe we should go that way.
  5. Kick coverage was not great. - Maybe Boston College had a great plan. Maybe we did not have a great plan, but our kick and punt coverage was not the best I have ever seen. Giving up field position is vital, this needs to be fixed.