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This “Drew Schneider” Guy is Terrible

TheLegendofShawnMcCarthy returns to discuss the failings of his replacement.

NCAA Football: Boston College at Purdue Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Hammer and Rails has this new guy writing for them going by “Drew Schneider (if that’s his actual name) and let me tell you, he’s not too bright.

In fact, he has managed to get everything wrong the last two weeks. What makes it worse is his arrogance. The dude thinks he’s never wrong, and will argue an obviously wrong point until the end. Seriously, Travis needs to have some better quality control because this guy knows less about football than your average I.U. fan, and that’s about the worst thing I can possibly say about someone.

Let’s start with his Missouri prediction:

“The Bloughfense struggles and the secondary gets exposed. Good night sweet prince.”

I mean sure we lost the game, and the secondary did get exposed, but the “Bloughfence” (as he glibly calls it) sure as hell didn’t struggle. Blough only managed to set the All-Time single game Purdue passing record. If that’s “struggling”, sign me up.

Now on to his Boston College prediction:

“I know everyone has been waiting for my pick, but as the premier writer on this site, I have to keep people waiting for the extra clicks. This is a bad match-up for Purdue for the exact opposite reason Missouri was a bad match-up last week. The defensive line and linebackers will be tested, but a word of warning, if the secondary gets noisy in the run game, B.C. will go play action and blow the top off the defense. I’m interested to see if Blough can put together back to back stellar games, because Purdue is going to need points....I don’t think it happens.”

B.C. 41 Purdue 21

Where do I even begin with this nonsense? First off, he was late getting his pick in to Ledman, showing a complete lack of professionalism. Andrew Ledman is one of the finest people I’ve had the privilege to associate with and this idiot disrespects him by getting his pick in late. It’s shameful.

He starts off by calling himself “the premier writing on the site.” I mean, come on dude, if you’re the “premier writer” Hammer and Rails should go ahead and stop publishing, because you’re terrible. This dude is talking smack about his writing ability and then drops the “if the secondary gets noisy” line.

What does that even mean?

Oh, wait, did he mean “nosey”? Yea, I think he probably meant “nosey”. That’s some real “premier writing” dude.

I haven’t even started on his prediction yet, which shows just how terrible this “Drew Schneider” guy is, because it’s impossibly dumb.

“This is a bad match-up for Purdue for the exact opposite reason Missouri was a bad match-up for Purdue.”

Yea, buddy, that looked like a terrible match up on Saturday. So terrible in fact, that Purdue let them run for something like -20 yards in the 2nd quarter. Hopefully Purdue doesn’t run up against any more “bad” match-ups like B.C. this year or we’ll be in real trouble.

“if the secondary get noisey (sic) in the run game, B.C. will go play action and blow the top off the defense.”

The B.C. quarterback did blow, but it had nothing to do with the defense. The dude went 13/27 for 96 yards 1, td, and 4 ints. The only thing that blew harder than the B.C. quarterbacks is this “premier” writer’s” prediction.

It gets worse, “I’m interested to see if Blough can put together back to back stellar games....I don’t think it happens”

Blough must have stolen this dudes girlfriend or something because he’s constantly hating on a guy who happens to be one of the hottest quarterbacks in the nation right now. Hell, if Blough was the only quarterback this year, Purdue might be looking at 3-1 right now instead of 1-3, but this dummy probably can’t handle that idea.

Last but not least,

“Purdue is going to need points....B.C. 41 - Purdue 21”

At least he got something right because Purdue did in fact need points...a whole 14 of them, actually, now that I look at it, he almost nailed the inverse of the B.C. score, so maybe we should give him credit for that. Good job dumbass.

This “Drew Schneider” character is either a spineless pessimist or an I.U. fan in disguise.

Honestly, it’s impossible to tell.



P.S. - Don’t worry folks, I may not be around much, but I’ll have my eye on “Drew Schneider” and will call him on his B.S. if the need arises.

Editor’s Note: We would also like to mention that this Drew Schneider fellow also has Drew Brees on his fantasy team, but decided to bench him this weekend as the Saints played the Falcons. This is discussed in our latest podcast: