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Purdue at Nebraska: Depth Charts

We have an updated depth chart after the first win.

Boston College v Purdue Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

We didn’t have any depth chart updates last week before facing Boston College, but there are some changes as we head to Nerbaska.


QB: 1. David Blough 2. Elijah Sindelar

RB: 1. D.J. Knox 2. Markell Jones. 3. Tario Fuller 4. Alexander Horvath

WR: Jared Sparks OR Terry Wright

WR: 1. Jackson Anthrop 2. Rondale Moore 3. Keyron Catlett

WR: Isaac Zico OR Jarrett Burgess

LT: 1. Grant Hermanns 2. Michael Mendez

LG: 1. Shane Evans 2. Dennis Edwards

C: 1. Kirk Barron 2. Viktor Beach

RG: 1. Dennis Edwards 2. Bearooz Yacoobi

RT: 1. Matt McCann 2. Eric Swingler

TE: 1. Cole Herdman OR Brycen Hopkins 2. Darius Pittman

The “or” is gone! David Blough is officially starting now, and it looks like he will be the guy going forward. I have no idea what Sindelar’s injury status is, but Blough has been solid the last two weeks and has earned it. Also, this makes the offensive line change official. Edwards shifts from left to right guard, McCann from right guard to right tackle, and Shane Evans is in at left guard with Swingler tot he bench. This offensive line has been much more effective, too.

DE: 1. Giovanni Reviere 2. Semisi Fakasiieiki

DT: 1. Lorenzo Neal 2. Ray Ellis OR Alex Criddle

DT: 1. Anthony Watts 2. Jeff Marks

DE: 1. Kai Higgins 2. Robert McWilliams III

LB: 1. Markus Bailey 2. Tobias Larry

LB: Cornel Jones OR Derrick Barnes

LB: 1. Derrick Barnes 2. Jaylan Alexander

CB: 1. Antonio Blackmon OR Kenneth Major 2. Kamal Hardy

FS: 1. Navon Mosley 2. Simeon Smiley or Elijah Ball or Cory Trice

SS: 1. Jacob Thieneman 2. Brennan Thieneman

CB: Tim Cason OR Dedrick Mackey

No official changes to the defensive depth chart, but most of these guys are rotating in anyway. Major now has interceptions in consecutive weeks and the younger Thieneman played a lot vs. BC.


Punter: 1. Joe Schopper 2. Jake Herr

Kicker: Spencer Evans OR J.D. Dellinger

Kickoffs: 1. Spencer Evans 2. Myles Homan

Long Snapper: 1. Ben Makowski 2. Ryan Sadkowski

Holder: 1. Joe Schopper 2. Jake Herr

Kick Returns: 1. Rondale Moore 2. D.J. Knox

Punt Returns: 1. Rondale Moore 2. Jackson Anthrop

Moore has been ahead of Anthrop on punt returns for two weeks and had a 20 yard return last week. That’s longer than anything Anthrop has done and adds yet another fun element. Spencer Evans was clearly sick on Saturday as he was vomiting on the sidelines and was replaced by Dellinger for placekicks and Homan for kickoffs. Evans failed to get touchbacks on two kickoffs (he is normally automatic there) and missed an extra point, so he deifnitely had issues.

As for Dellinger, he can hold on to his redshirt this year and still have two years left as long as he plays in a maximum of three games. His missed field goal was at a tough angle so close, but he needed to hit it.