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Purdue vs. #23 Boston College Predictions

Here is what the staff thinks about tomorrow.

Missouri v Purdue Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Drew Schneider (1-2)

I know everyone has been waiting for my pick, but as the premier writer on this site, I have to keep people waiting for the extra clicks. This is a bad match-up for Purdue for the exact opposite reason Missouri was a bad match-up last week. The defensive line and linebackers will be tested, but a word of warning, if the secondary gets noisy in the run game, B.C. will go play action and blow the top off the defense. I’m interested to see if Blough can put together back to back stellar games, because Purdue is going to need points....I don’t think it happens.

Purdue 21 B.C. 41

Jumbo Heroes (1-2):

Well, I didn’t expect Purdue to be sitting at 0-3 at this point of the season. My worst case scenario going into the season was 1-2 with the win being over Eastern Michigan. My best case scenario for the season was Purdue finishing at 6-6. The schedule is tough and Purdue lost a lot on the defensive side of the ball. Defense is gonna be the key here with Boston College having a great running back. If I’m the BC offensive coordinator I’m gonna run the ball 75% of the time and make Purdue stop me. I’m not sure Purdue can do it. Unless Purdue figures out how to stop the run while not completely selling out and making themselves vulnerable to the pass I’m just not sure how Purdue succeeds against a ranked Boston College Team.

Purdue 31, BC 35

Travis (1-2):

I am going off the rails based on absolutely nothing.

What painful way will Purdue lose this week? AJ Dillon is a beast and Anthony Brown has been deadly efficient, but the Boston College defense is susceptible to teams that play with tempo. After what David Blough did last week and the way the offense responded all night I have a good feeling. In fact, I have had a good feeling all week. I think I will let it ride, too. We end a number of losing streaks here. 3 straight at home to start the year, 19 straight to ranked opponents dating back to 2011, and 8 straight non-conference games against ranked teams dating back to at #20 Wake Forest in 2003. It becomes a shootout, but Purdue gets some turnover luck and Brown throws a pair of overdue interceptions.

Purdue 45, Boston College 42

Kyle (1-2):

This is hard.

But, I think we may have found our mojo a bit on offense, with David Blount leading the charge. BC doesn’t have a quarterback that will carve us up like Lock did, they do have a running back that will run it down our throat all day. He is the real deal, but when push comes to shove, we can load the box and force that quarterback to beat us, which I am not sure he can do.

This is the opportunity we have been waiting for. A ranked opponent coming into Ross Ade. This is a chance to knock off a top 25 team and turn the season around.

Purdue 31, BC 24

Juan (1-2):

Good teams win. Great teams cover. Purdue is going to #BeBest and cover.

Purdue 31, Boston College 34

Holmes (1-2):

Things finally click at all the right times and the Boilers steal one, but, since there is balance in everything, some Southie BC fan also steals Jumbo Heroes’ wife.

Purdue 24, BC 21