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Boilermaker Big Dog of the Week

If you’re looking for an elite power forward, look no further

If you love big dogs like I love big dogs, you’ll love this weeks Boilermaker Big Dog of the Week. I’d like to introduce you to Bella.

PawSwap gave me this scouting report in Bella:

This very regal Great Dane / St. Bernard mix is about 4-5 years old and weighs 115 pounds currently. Bella did not have the best past and was fairly neglected with poor diet and flea infestation that led to some skin issues and ear infections when she came to us several months ago. She felt very poorly back then. Fortunately, she is all healed with no lasting effects and you would never know it!

Bella is now very healthy, strong and happy. She is a wonderful girl who is 100% house trained and can be trusted to be left unattended with no issues. She also does fine in an XL crate. Bella coexists nicely with medium / large dogs who are laid-back. Her main issue is that she is a bit pushy of anything taking her owner’s attention. She has never been aggressive, though. For example, if young children or another pet want owner’s attention and are sitting on their lap, well she will just nudge them away. Young children, she may take their toys and bring them to her person. Because, of this... Bella would do best living with older children 10 and up that are big enough to not be bothered by her and medium/large sized other pets.

Bella is a strong girl on the leash and would do best in a fenced yard. She is protective of her home and will bark to alert you if someone arrives unexpectedly. She may also bark for a couple of minutes as new guests arrive and you tell her to stop. Bella would do best in a forever home with a minimal amount of steps or short flights of stairs. She does have some past issues from a leg surgery and gets a bit sore from time to time. She may need a bit of assistance boosting into a taller vehicle but has no trouble climbing into the backseat of a regular car.

Bella is up to date on vaccines, heartworm negative, and microchipped. If you are interested in meeting Bella, please complete an adoption application on our website at

Her adoption fee is $150.

Guys, if I knew for certain my wife wouldn’t kill me, I’d adopt Bella myself. Unfortunately, I don’t know that for certain, and my wife knows how to run a biodigester and an incinerator, so I best not risk it. I’m leaving it up to you to help give Bella the home she deserves.

I know it’s football season, but I’m going with one of the best women’s basketball players in Purdue history for this one, namely, Lindsay Wisdom-Hylton.

Lindsay Wisdom-Hylton came to Purdue as a 6’2 forward out of Naperville, Illinois, and left as a Boilermaker legend.

In her 5 years at Purdue she was named to the All-Big10 team twice, and the All-Big10 defensive team 3 times. In 2008 she led Purdue in points, rebounds, and blocks. She holds the all time Purdue records for both rebounds and blocked shots, and was drafted 13th in the first round of the 2009 WNBA draft.

To further cement her Boilermaker bonafides, Lindsay returned to Purdue as an assistant coach in 2012 and is an important piece of the Boilermakers coaching staff today.