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People’s Brewing Unveils Boiler Black

The People have spoken!

People’s Brewing Website

People’s Brewing in Lafayette introduced Boiler Gold before last season as the signature Purdue beer at events and both the brewery and Purdue have made a mint off of it at games. The signature beer is ridiculously popular at Ross-Ade Stadium, Mackey Arena, and Alexander Field.

But we want more, so People’s has responded. This weekend will see the debut of the new Boiler Black, also celebrating the 150th anniversary of the establishment of Purdue:

On Wednesday, People’s owner Chris Johnson’s brewery on North Ninth Street was scheduled to start canning Boiler Black, just in time for Purdue’s Homecoming weekend and Saturday’s football game against Boston College.

Johnson said Boiler Black – an American style porter he described as having roasted malt flavors and a black appearance – will be available at Ross-Ade Stadium and the 1869 Tap Room on the ground floor of the Purdue Memorial Union.

He said Boiler Black should be on store shelves in Indiana and Illinois in the coming weeks.

“We designed the Boiler Black to have an approachable roasted character for fans of a darker full-flavored beer,” Johnson said.

People’s has not updated their website with the stats for the beer, but it will like be the same $9 that a Boiler gold is at Ross-Ade. Earlier this year People’s had an Open Wheel Robust Porter that chimed in at a 5.9% ABV, so this will probably be similar.

I am willing to take the sacrifice on Saturday and try this, so expect a report some time around 12:02pm Saturday via Twitter.

We may be 0-3, but the God of Tits and Wine has blessed us with more beer to deal with it. Praise the God of Tits and Wine!