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Mizzou Vs. Purdue: 5 Things to Look For

We are 0-2, can we win this week?

NCAA Football: Northwestern at Purdue Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

Week 2 is over. The terrible loss to EMU is done and we now have to move on to week 3.

Week 3 brings a much better opponent in Mizzou. Mizzou will come into West Lafayette as 7 point favorites and playing football at a high level. Their quarterback, Drew Lock is the real deal and may dice us up.

  • Will we choose one quarterback ?

The quarterback controversy continues. Last week, Blough got the start and struggled, then Elijah came in and played well. The week before, Elijah started and struggled then Blough came in and managed the game.

I am at the point where we need to just choose a quarterback. Will we choose one this week? Only Coach Brohm knows The 2 quarterback system worked okay last season, now we are at the point where it isn’t working at all.

Choose one and run with him. To me, it still is Elijah Sindelar.

  • Drew Lock

The future NFL Draft pick has been dicing the defenses up he has faced. That doesn’t bode well for a defense that just gave up 300 yards passing to a directional Michigan school. Last season, we shut Lock down. With a new offensive coordinator in town, he has been much more consistent early this season.

Look for Lock to do more damage this year than he did last season. He has better weapons and another year of experience. Expect another 300 yard plus performance in Ross-Ade, just not from our quarterbacks.

  • Suspect pass coverage

See above. We allowed 300 yards to EMU. What will happen this week? Everyone pray.

  • Run Game

Was last week’s run performance a fluke? Or is this something we can see every week? I hope it is weekly, a great run game will help the pass game tremendously. We did put the ball on the ground 5 times though, which just cannot happen. Look for us to try and establish the run early again.

  • Special Teams

These were just okay. A missed PAT and 38 yard field goal changed the landscape of this game. We have to more consistent in the kicking game and the return game this week to beat a SEC bowl caliber team.