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NCAA Makes Groundbreaking Basketball Changes

Wednesday afternoon meant for some pretty stunning changes.

Texas Tech v Purdue Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

It is a big day for some new regulations regarding NCAA basketball and its relations with the NBA. Jeff Goodman Tweeted out most of the info:

Also, players can now get 15 official visits, up from 5:

These changes are rather significant. the biggest is that players who go undrafted can now return to school as long as they have stayed enrolled in classes. That could be critical for Purdue’s 2019-20 team as Carsen Edwards and Matt Haarms could, in theory, stay in the draft through evaluations and return to school as long as htey stayed enrolled. Hell, Eric Hunter and even incoming walk-on Kyle King could do so.

In terms of being repped by an agent that will be determined by USA Basketball. This can be very good for Carsen this coming season. He has already participated with USA basketball in last year’s U-19 World Cup in Egypt and he is one of the top returning college players in the country. That would likely be enough for him to get an agent before the season is over this year, especially if he has a breakout season and wins some national awards like we’re expecting.

As for “elite high school recruits”, it remains to be seen. Purdue is currently at least in the running for guys like Keion Brooks and Trayce Jackson-Davis, but this rule would have allowed Caleb Swanigan to have an agent before he set foot on Purdue’s campus (even if he kind of did already because of his unique circumstances).

I don’t know how the extra visits helps Purdue, as getting someone outside of a top 5 is dicey, but if it allows us to get more kids on campus, great. As it stood earlier today we were the 6th visit for Jackson-Davis, and as a result, it was supposed to be an unofficial visit. the biggest difference between the two types of visits is that an unofficial is on the player’s dime, while an official visit can only happen once and the school covers it.