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Who is the Starting Quarterback?

Did Coach Brohm tip his hat?

Indiana v Purdue Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

It has been debated all off season, who is the starting quarterback? The official depth chart for Thursday was released yesterday, and that didn’t clarify it either as it said this:

Elijah Sindelar OR David Blough

That literally gave us nothing.

But, did Coach Brohm tip his hat on the Jeff Brohm Radio Show?

He said in the show - “It is key to get Elijah in a rhythm early.”

That sounds like a tip of that hat to me. Elijah is the quarterback I want starting anyway, so i am fine with this decision, if that in fact was the decision he told the quarterbacks this week.

This quarterback battle has been ongoing, really since the season ended with the bowl game victory, even after the news that Elijah tore his ACL.

I want to tip my hat to both guys, this has not been a typical QB battle, where one goes to social media to complain if he loses or even leaves the program. We saw this yesterday with the IU Grad Transfer quarterback, the day after Peyton Ramsey was named the starter.

The Alabama Quarterback battle has reportedly been ugly as well, with Jalen Hurts threatening to leave the program if he is not named the starter. Our two guys have been very professional and our coaching staff has handled the situation well.

Really though, when was the last time we haven’t entered the season with a quarterback battle? Joey Elliot? Next year, I wouldn’t expect tight battle between Sindelar, Plummer and Sipe, but there still will be competition and Elijah will be pushed.

If Elijah is indeed the starter, then awesome. If Blough is the starter, great as well. I trust both of these men with our team and I am looking forward to Thursday night.

Boiler Up!