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New Ross-Ade Stadium Field Design

We are literally going off the rails.

NCAA Football: Nebraska at Purdue Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Last year, Ross-Ade Stadium had a bit of a makeover with the new stadium lights. This year, the changes within the 94-year old stadium are not as drastic, but you might notice them if you look closely enough. Perhaps the most noticeable change is to its field design:

Your eyes are not deceiving you, those are railroad tracks painted along the sidelines in the north end zone. This may be one of the most creative paint jobs in all of college football, and I love it. We’re all familiar with blue, red, and gray fields, but I have yet to see creative sideline designs within college football, especially among P5 schools.

So are we going off the rails with this field design? Or are we on track to success?

(I may or may not have written this article just for that line.)

Along with the new sideline design, Ross-Ade has had a few touch ups this season, including a brick facade around the stadium, updated sound system, new paint jobs in the concourse, and new looks to the exteriors of both scoreboards (shout out to @ISC_PU for being on top of all of this):

Of course, some of the new brick facade will be covered up by advertisements...if I ever win the lottery, I would considering paying to remove all ads from Ross-Ade and Mackey. But that requires entering the lottery, so....

And of course, how can we forget to mention the new train horn on top of the videoboard?