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Gold and Black Days Episode 2: Scrimmage Time

Episode 2 is now in the books.

NCAA Football: Indiana at Purdue Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

Last night the second episode of BTN’s Gold & Black Days debuted, so let’s look in to it:

Meet Papa Brohm

The first segment dealt with Oscar Brohm, the father of Jeff, Greg, and Brian who are all part of the coaching staff in some capacity. Even at age 70 he still works as the QB coach at Louisville Trinity HS and, as a result, Jeff & Co. can go check out David Bell tonight when Louisville Trinity plays Warren Central in Louisville. The patriarch is a local legend down in Louisville and a member of the Kentucky sports Hall of Fame. It was neat to have a little more background, especially the sibling rivalry.

The First Fall Camp Scrimmage

The first scrimmage took place on August 11 in Ross-Ade Stadium before the Fan Day inside the Mollenkopf. This was the beginning of the closed door session of camp and it was good to see some game-type action. Wide receiver Jared Sparks was featured early in the game and I really like what we’re seeing from him. Right now he is battling an ankle sprain and is questionable for next week, but he still brings his QB leadership to the position. Remember: he is only a sophomore eligibility-wise. Even when he wasn’t in the game he was on the sidelines building up his teammates at the position. I think there is some real Keith Smith in 2009 potential in him.

Rondale Moore also showed quite a bit. I was a big fan of safeties coach Anthony Poindexter chewing out his charges all because the freshman was punking his charges. Remember: Purdue is pretty solid at safety with Navon Mosley, Jacob Thieneman, and Simeon Smiley. Moore is out here schooling experienced upperclassmen. You get the since that he is an exciting new toy for the Brohmfense. Chris Barclay called him “Lightning in a bottle”. He even impressed Papa Brohm, and it is telling that Jeff Brohm said he has been “outstanding” in camp when he is NEVER satisfied with anyone.

Not to hype him, but I am expected 250 receptions for 3,000 yards and 25 touchdowns. This year.

Freshmen Navigating Campus

I am always amused by seeing people try to navigate the campus. As someone who grew up an hour from Purdue with regular trips there as a kid I have no sense of what it is like to not know my way around campus. My freshmen year I avoided BGR with open contempt (and not because of crappy comedians) because I was like, “why do I need to waste my time when I already know Purdue.” Still, seeing the wide eyes of college freshmen getting out on their own for the first time is always entertaining.

Offensive Linemen Jumping Into Pool Fat Man Porn

This needs zero explanation, so let’s move on.

Anthrop Family Feature

The more we see of the Anthrop family, the better. Jackson Anthrop gets a nice little feature going hom to see the family and Danny Anthrop. I am a big fan of the rec room with all of the Anthrop family honors for the four boys. Oh, and we got to see a glimpse of the next generation with some of the Anthrop grandkids. As I have said before, with Jackson the youngest of four brothers and the third generation already coming, by 2079 Purdue will have an entire team of Anthrops.

David Blough vs. Elijah Sindelar

It was interesting to hear Jackson’s perspective on the Blough vs. Sindelar QB battle. Jackson had some success with both QBs last season. He also seems torn between who is better and who will play the most. If I were a betting man, I would say Elijah gets the start because he has a higher ceiling, but I am still a Blough fan. I love his leadership and other intangibles. We’re perfectly fine if he starts, too. I liked the few highlights we saw with Isaac Zico and Keyron Catlett each catching nice fade routes.

Lorenzo Neal: Leader

I wonder how much growing up around the NFL like Neal has helps him as a leader for a very young defensive line. It is going to pay off.