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2018 Purdue Football Preseason Roundtable: Defensive MVP

We’re pretty unianimous in picking the team’s defensive MVP.

NCAA Football: Michigan at Purdue Sandra Dukes-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday I asked who the offensive MVP was and we had some pretty varied answers. Not so much on the other side of the ball.

Who do you see as the defensive MVP of this team and why?

Juan: <Skipped>

Andrew: Unless something strange happens I would expect everyone to pick Markus Bailey here. The only thing that gives me pause here could be...well nothing. Unless Bailey gets injured he should be the defensive MVP.

Drew: Not only will Bailey be the defensive MVP, he will be 1st team All-Big10. He’s a 3 down linebacker with a nose for the ball and is surprisingly good in coverage. I think he’ll have 100+ tackles and at least 3 ints.

Kyle: Is this a question? Markus Bailey and it really isn’t that close. He may be a top 3 linebacker in the B1G. He has all the skills you want in a linebacker and with Coach Holt’s LB friendly system, he will thrive, just like the LBs did last season.

T-Mill: I concur on Bailey. he plays all over the field and I think he is not just the best player for Purdue, but an all-Big Ten type player. He had four interceptions as a freshman and led the team last year with seven sacks. The dude just flies all over the field and we somehow have to get more out of him this season. I honestly worry if he will be good enough to go pro with some draft consideration.