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2018 Purdue Football Preseason Roundtable: Offensive MVP

Who will drive the offense this year for Purdue

NCAA Football: Foster Farms Bowl-Arizona vs Purdue Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday we talked about who will win the QB derby, but what about the offense as a whole? Is there a standout that is going to be a true MVP or will it be an offense greater than the sum of its parts? That’s why I asked our second roundtable question:

Who do you see as the offensive MVP of this team and why?

Juan: <Skipped>

Andrew: It’s hard not to choose whoever the starting QB is here. For me then that would be Sindelar. I suppose the darkhorse candidate would be Rondale Moore but I’d like to see him in the field on a game before I anoint him the next Dorien Bryant.

Drew: Sindelar - If things run the way they are supposed to, Eli should be in the top 2 or 3 in most passing categories in the Big10 (other than interceptions...hopefully)

Kyle: Markell Jones. They have said he has remade his body this off season and is totally bought in. It also helps, that he is like our only back not coming off of injury. Coach Borhm loves to pass, but his tems at WKU had a potent rushing attack as well to balance that air raid offense out a bit. Look for Markell to have a great year.

T-Mill: I am going to cheat and say the entire offensive line. It was often atrocious under Hazell, but last year it ended up being a strength. This year it is as deep as it has ever been with versatility all over the place. Matt McCann can play guard or right tackle. Grant Hermanns was great at left tackle last season before getting hurt. Kirk Barron is the entrenched starter at center. Dennis Edwards and Shane Evans are versatile guards that were brought in as grad transfers. Bearooz Yacoobi, Eric Swingler, and Michael Mendez all have experience. We can pair these guys together in pretty much any combination and have a great line. Because of that I think the Brohmfense will really take off.