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2018 Purdue Football Preseason Roundtable: Quarterback

Let’s see who the staff has.

NCAA Football: Michigan at Purdue Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

With the season 9 days away we’re ramping up our actual football-like substance coverage around here. To get the entire staff involved (or at least the ones responding to emails), I am going to run a series of roundtable posts here over the next few days. Each post will be centered around one question, and since this one is the most time sensative, it will go first:

David Blough or Elijah Sindelar: Who ya got and why?

Juan: Sindelar to start, but Blough comes in around the 2nd quarter, and maybe Sindelar to close the game. When Sindelar is on the field, he is dynamic enough to drive the ball down the field quickly and shock the defense with a score. With Blough though, Purdue can chip away at the defense, dragging them along the field and eat up time, exhausting the opposing defense. Honestly, this is a good problem to have, and I would be happy with either QB.

Andrew Ledman: I think Drew and I were the only ones on the Sindelar train last year and I don’t see any reason to hop off the train now. Sindelar ended the season playing better than he had all year and Purdue won the final three games. Of course a number of factors and players helped with that but regardless he was a major factor. At this point I start Sindelar and use Blough only if Sindelar is struggling. This should set Purdue up well for next year as the QB position will continue to be crowded but hopefully Purdue has a clear starter in Sindelar this time next year.

Drew: Sindelar with a side of Blough. Sindelar is the NFL talent and opens up the entire passing playbook. Blough is the gritty, tough leader who helps in the run game and can catch fire. I think playing both is in our best interest.

T-Mill: I have long been the leader on the Blough bandwagon and even drafted him on my team earlier this summer in my draft, but I think I give the edge to Sindelar as well. He just finished last year on a tear with one good leg. Imagine what he can do while fully healthy. That said, Blough is going to play some. He is a change of pace quarterback with his better mobility and can do a few things on the ground Elijah can’t (10 career rushing TDs). I don’t think it will be a true platoon in the Robert Marve-Caleb TerBush mode, but Blough will get a series or two to see what he can do unless Sindelar is just lights out in a game. Even then, if one guy gets hurt again it is nice to have a quality backup. Never forget Blough already has his degree and could have transferred to at least a dozen programs to be the unquestioned starter like Illinois or Minnesota. He stayed.