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Martin Vintage Releases Boilermaker Special Shirt

Our partners at Martin Vintage have released a new shirt honoring the Boilermaker Special.

Our friends at Martin Vintage have released another wonderful shirt to purchase. This time it features the Boilermaker Special, our beloved mascot. The shirt features the six vintage logos involving the Boilermaker Special, from the original side-view Special to the currently used head-on Special with PURDUE on the cowcatcher.

This shirt is printed on soft 50/50 poly cotton blend and feature’s Pete’s hammer on the front. It is also available in a ladies’ cut.

Head to their website to order this shirt and joint their mailing list, so you don’t miss out on any new releases or promotions! As new shirts come available we’ll promote them, but Martin vintage has sent me a few of their shirts and I must say they are fantastic. Be sure to head on over to their site to check out their designs.

If you order with their promo code: “HAMMERANDRAILS”, you can get 20% off right now.