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NCAA Football 19: Purdue Edition 2014-2015

Does anyone else miss this iconic game?

Ohio State v Purdue Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

It has now been 5 gosh darn years since the last NCAA Football game was released. It was NCAA 14, Released in July of 2013. Since then, they have stopped making the game, but the NCAA 14 version still lives on with new updates every summer for the new rosters.

NCAA 19 would be one of the most sold games ever if it was produced, with the new style of RPO offense, the booming 4-2-5 defense and the hundreds of jersey combinations that could be done - middle school kids to young adults would be salivating for a chance to own this game.

Instead, we don’t. After the O’Bannon case, there was no way to produce the game, unless we, GASP, pay the athletes a portion, since you know the game was based on player likeness. Sure, QB #5 for Purdue couldn’t be named Danny Etling, but he was 6’2”, 220 Pounds, from the exact same city, weird.

I wish there was a solution, and maybe in the future we get something. But for now, I will revert to firing up the Xbox 360, downloading the updated roster and playing with graphics that look ancient to the new Madden Game.

Anyway, I thought it would be neat, starting with the 2014 roster, to go back and look at what our 2 deep would have looked like. Yes, it is not as fun knowing Hazell was the coach during most of this time - but it is fun to see how the roster has changed over the years.

So, lets start with the 2014 season roster and go over it a bit.


  1. Danny Etling
  2. Austin Appleby

We started the season with Danny Etling taking snaps after getting the shit beat out of him his freshman year. Then it slowly progressed to Austin Appleby taking over full time by the end of the year. This was the start of the quarterback carousel, with Etling leaving at the end of the season.

Running Back:

  1. Akeem Hunt
  2. Raheem Mostert
  3. Keyante Green

Akeem Hunt did a little bit of everything on the video game, he was great on special teams and catching routes out of the back field. A tandem of he and Mostert were fun to have, but were not implemented correctly in real life. True freshman Keyante Green was our 3rd RB, this would be his most productive year. Side note Travis won like 4 Heisman Trophys in a row with Green on NCAA 14

Wide Receivers:

  1. Danny Anthrop
  2. DeAngelo Yancey
  3. Cameron Posey
  4. Greg Phillips

On NCAA 14, Anthrop was rated much too low, but had dynamic speed, I always chose to make him better since they could not get it right. We had a young DeAngelo Yancey, Cameron Posey and Greg Phillips. It looked like this group of wide receivers had a lot of promise.

Tight End:

  1. Justin Sinz
  2. Gabe Holmes

A pretty good duo at tight end for the pro style offense Hazell wanted to run. Holmes was thought to be the better of the two, but Sinz was much more productive. Holmes was always injured.

Offensive Line:

Tackle: David Hedelin

Guard: Jason King

Center: Robert Kugler

Guard: J.J. Prince

Tackle: Martesse Patterson

The offensive line was pretty solid. Patterson was the only freshman that played and we know how his career ended. Kugs was solid for us during his time at Purdue. I believe Prince and King both got a shot in the NFL, with King on the Patriots roster.

Defensive Line:

End: Jake Replogle

Tackle: Ra’Zahn Howard

End: Ryan Russell

We ran a weird 3-4 for some reason this year. But, Russell has h played a few years in the league and Replogle was very good for us. Howard was a solid nose


WLB: Jalani Phillips

MLB: Danny Ezechukwu

MLB: Ja’Whaun Bentley

SLB: Jimmy Herman

A young Bentley and Danny E lead this defense. Herman was just okay, and Phillips was more of a pass rusher, but was not all that great.

Corner Back:

  1. Anthony Brown
  2. Leroy Clark

Anthony Brown is a starting corner for the Cowboys. But, for Purdue he was not that effective because we had no idea what the hell we were doing on defense then. Leroy Clark wasn’t too bad, he tended to get beat on deep balls quite a bit.

Strong Safety:

  1. Frankie Williams
  2. Taylor Richards

Frankie was the real deal, I believe he got a shot in the NFL and played in the CFL as well.

Free Safety:

  1. Landon Feichter
  2. Robert Gregory

Feichter for some reason played free safety when he was the better tackling safety, but he wasn’t too bad.

Really, this roster for 2014-2015 NCAA Game wasn’t that bad. This was the official roster, but tomorrow, I will look at the next 4 hypothetical years of what could have been when it came to our roster for those games.

During this season our Boilermakers went 3-9 and 1-7 in conference (SUCK IT ILLINI).