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Indiana Recovers to Win All-Star Series at Bankers Life

We are required by law to mention first that Romeo, Damezi, and Robert WERE THE TEAM CAPTAINS.

High School Basketball: McDonalds High School All American Games
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Last night in Lousiville, Kentucky earned the rare boys/girls sweep in the Indiana-Kentucky All-Star Series. It was an embarrassment when Indiana has dominated the series for the last 15 years or so. Tonight, at Bankers Life Fieldhouse, the tables were turned. The Indiana boys and girls each won to earn a split over their rivals from the south.

Girls Game

Indiana 83, Kentucky 70

Cassidy Hardin, who will play for coach Sharon Versyp this fall, was named the player of the game as Indiana reversed last night’s loss. She was 3 of 6 from the floor and 4 of 5 from the line for 12 points in a team high 27 minutes. She also added 2 assists, a blocked shot, and five rebounds. It was a solid night as no one had more than 12 points for Indiana, but six players were in double figures.

Boys Game

Indiana 109, Kentucky 81

I am required by law to mention that Romeo Langford, Robert Phinisee, and Damezi Anderson were the team captains, started, met with the officials before the game, and combined for 35 points. Langford finished with 22, and the spontaneous outpouring of emotion from the crowd has guaranteed banners 6-9 because a good Hoosier is staying all four years to lead them to four more banners.

On a related note, Purdue’s Eric Hunter had a solid game. He was 5 of 11 from the floor with 12 points, 3 assists and 2 rebounds as Indiana rolled. Hunter played only 16 minutes, too.

To be fair, Langford was really, really good. He had 22 points on 7 of 13 shooting, and he added 8 rebounds and 4 assists. Indiana is going to be good next year with these three, so we have to hope that the same Archie that lost to IPFW and Indiana State by 20+ at home can continue to squander the superior talent.