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H&R Pod: Let’s Get Weird, Sports - 1904 Olympics

We tell you the story of the 1904 Olympic marathon. A story so weird it includes rat poison, mid-race naps, and near fatalities.

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Sydney 2000 Torch

Casey is joined by’s Paul M. Banks as they start their new podcast venture, telling weird sports tales. Think drunk history meets 30 for 30.

And boy do they have a doozy of a story to tell today. The 1904 St. Louis Olympics marathon which featured a gold medal winner on rat poison, a scurry through an orchard, a dog chase, and brutal conditions that left a few runners barely alive by the end of the race.

If you want to read about the 1904 marathon, you can read about it on Paul’s site when he wrote about one of the strangest sports stories we’ve ever heard of: 1904 Olympic Marathon.

Please leave us a comment here or on iTunes or wherever you listen to the Hammer and Rails Podcast and tell us what you think about this new venture! We’re excited to do more in the following weeks.

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