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Purdue Football Draft: Pick 31

Trench Work.

Purdue Boilermakers v Northwestern Wildcats
Not the same guy, but needed a 50!
Photo by Jonathan Daniel/ Getty Images

Today I am rolling with another offensive lineman, where I am getting pretty close to finishing up at.

Bearooz Yacoobi

Bearooz has primarily been a back up his entire career. This past season, he appeared in seven games on the offensive line. He projects mostly as an interior offensive lineman, mainly a guard.

Bearooz is a smart fella though and he could play every position on the offensive line probably. He has been on campus for four years already and two of those years he has been named to the B1G All-Academic team.

While this is not a flashy pick, this is a pick that helps shore up the offensive line, with most of my skill positions filled out already.

Updated Teams

Kyle Travis
Kyle Travis
QB: Elijah Sindelar QB: David Blough
RB: Markell Jones RB: Tario Fuller
RB: Richie Worship RB: DJ Knox
WR: Jackson Anthrop WR: Jarrett Burges
WR: Isaac Zico WR: Terry Wright
WR: Rondale Moore WR: Jared Sparks
WR: (We were only suppose to take 3) WR: Amad Anderson
TE: Cole Herdman TE: Brycen Hopkins
OL: Matt McCann OL: Grant Hermanns
OL: Bearooz Yacoobi OL: Shane Evans
OL: Kirk Barron OL: Eric Swingler
OL: Peyton Truitt OL: Mark Stickford
OL: Mike Mendez OL: Viktor Beach
DE: Giovannie Reviere DE: Robert McWilliams
DE: Branson Deen DE: Kai Higgins
DT: Jeff Marks DT: Lorenzo Neal Jr.
DT: Ray Ellis DT: Keiwan Jones
LB: Jaylan Alexander LB: Derrick Barnes
LB: Markus Bailey LB: Cornel Jones
LB: Jonah Williams LB: Tobias Larry
CB: Kamal Hardy CB: Dedrick Mackey
CB: Elijah Ball CB: Kenneth Major
S: Jacob Thieneman S: Simeon Smiley
S: Navon Mosley S: Brennan Thieneman
K: JD Dellinger K: Spencer Evans
P: Joe Schopper P: (None Somehow)
LS: Ryan Sadkowski LS: Ben Makowski
Updated Roster