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Purdue Baseball: MLB Draft Watch

Where are our Boilermakers landing?

As most (some?) of us know, the MLB draft has been going on for a couple of days now.

After a successful season, there is always worry of losing some underclassmen to the MLB, especially guys who are about to become seniors as they lose leverage, as Travis tells me.

I do not know a ton about the MLB draft, other than it is strange. Travis helped me out a bit yesterday trying to understand it, but it is still weird.

So, here is the post that we will continue to update as Boilermakers get drafted:

Tanner Andrews - Pitcher (Senior)

It appears that our ace is headed to Florida with former Boilermaker, Nick Wittgren.

Nick Dalesandro - Junior (Catcher)

This one may be hard to get back. Deli is a junior with not much leverage left. This pick values at $137,000 also. If Deli has his degree in hand, he will be headed to Arizona. There is a big chance he isn’t coming back. Luckily, we have Bryce Bonner who has experience behind the plate that can take over if Deli stays pro.

Jacson McGowan - 1B

There is no guaranteed bonus here past the 10th round, so it will be interesting to see if McGowan leaves. he was Purdue’s best hitter and had the highest OBP on the team. There is a strong chance he is gone for next season, with Ben Nisle as the top possibility to replace his power in the lineup.

Congratulations Men!

This post will continued to be updated as Boilermakers are drafted.