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Purdue Football Recruiting: Chatting With Sulaiman Kpaka

I asked Sulaiman a few questions after he just committed.

Purdue v Notre Dame Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Purdue has had a nice string of commits over the past couple of weekends. One of the most recent ones being Defensive Lineman Sulaiman Kpaka. Sulaiman was great to chat with briefly, he is an intelligent young man that will be great for Purdue. He doesn’t lack confidence, skill or intelligence.

Sulaiman is a defensive end currently, but I do think he ends up sliding to the inside and being more of a defensive tackle. He plays really low to the ground, gets underneath the offensive linemen and blows them off the ball. He is a great high school defensive end, but I do think at Purdue he will be very productive on the inside.

I asked Sulaiman three questions and he had great answers for each one. I think you guys will really love his answers.

Me: What attracted you to Purdue the most?

Sulaiman: What attracted me to Purdue was the Schools academics, Coach Brohm’s coaching staff, the people in the area, and the fact of playing football in the big ten!

Me: What type of playmaker are we getting with you on the defensive line? How did the coaches say they would use you?

Sulaiman: I make an impact once I step on the field and my presence will be felt. If I can’t get that sack just know they’ll be pressure and I’m giving you my all on every snap. Purdue plans on using me all across the DLINE because of my versatility.

Me: Is there anything you would like Boiler Nation to know about you?

Sulaiman: I want boiler nation to know I’m all BOILER UP and I’m a respectful and Humble student athlete, that wants nothing but success from myself and my teammates !

I would personally like to thank Sulaiman for taking time out of his day to chat with me. Welcome to Purdue, Sulaiman, this fan base will back you your entire four years at Purdue! Boiler Up!

Also, if you missed it, here is film of him destroying other humans.