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89 Days Until Purdue Football: Brycen Hopkins

One of our three legit tight ends.

Nebraska v Purdue Photo by Bobby Ellis/Getty Images

I really don’t get it. Hazell did not recruit well, but a position he set up this staff nicely with was tight end. Both Hopkins and Cole Herdman are NFL caliber tight ends, but for today, lets focus on Brycen Hopkins.

Brycen Hopkins - Redshirt Junior

Ensworth High School, Nashville, Tennessee

6’5”, 240 Pounds

Tight End

2018 Projection: Co-Starter(?) at Tight End

So, for the co-starter thing. I really don’t know. Herdman will start, but they are both used just as much in passing sets. I would say Hopkins is the better receiver of the two, but Herdman is well rounded.

The best blocker of the tight ends is Pittman (I love him).

Hopkins was a nice surprise last year. Most of us knew there would be 2 tight end sets. But, they both had around 300 yards receiving and four touchdowns on right around 20 catches a piece.

With his size, we could see Hopkins playing on Sundays, he is legit, he and Herdman both. But for now, we will settle to watching Hopkins make dynamic plays for us on Saturdays.