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Purdue Recruiting: Breaking Down the Paul Piferi Commitment

Purdue got it’s QB...what does that mean for the 2019 class?

Indiana v Purdue
Oh, so you’re into 6’5 QB’s with big arms?
Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

As you know, Paul Piferi, a 6’5, 210 pound, 3* QB from Villa Park, CA (who has an extremely tricky name to spell) committed to Purdue’s 2019 recruiting class last night. The quarterback position is a crucial component of every recruiting class because of the importance and prestige of the position. Adding a quarterback early in the process is always advantageous, especially if Piferi can help bring in other recruits.

Here is what the Piferi commitment means to the 2019 class:

Purdue is getting a damn good quarterback:

Jeff Brohm may be the best talent evaluator and talent developer in college college football at the quarterback position. If the recruiting sites were smart, Purdue quarterback commits would start getting the “Brohm bump” in rankings, because if Jeff Brohm wants you, you’re pretty damn good.

On the field, Piferi is a big guy with a live arm that isn’t afraid to throw the ball down the field. Last year Piferi threw 17 touchdowns and only 3 interceptions for his high school. Ideally, that touchdown number will increase at least into the mid 20’s this season. If Brohm says he’s good, then he’s good. I need no other evaluation.

Purdue’s quarterback recruiting board is empty:

This comes with the caveat that Purdue will probably keep a couple lower profile guys on the back burner in case this commitment falls through. This was always going to be a one quarterback class for the Boilermakers, which I’m sure helped leverage an early commitment from the top guy on their board. Piferi fits the physical profile of what the bothers Brohm look for in a quarterback. Consider this a win for the Boilermakers.

The depth chart doesn’t all:

In some ways, Purdue actually has a favorable depth chart for recruiting. The starting QB is a junior and his back up is a senior. The quarterbacks behind them are all confident in their ability and will all get a shot at the starting job after Sindelar leaves. Every team signs at least one quarterback per class, and rightfully so, because the position has a high attrition rate with transfers. Expect Purdue to sign a quarterback every class, regardless of the depth chart.

Brohm certainly has “a type”:

If you haven’t noticed yet, Jeff Brohm likes tall, pro style quarterbacks, which fits with his preference for tall offensive linemen. It would be hard for a shorter quarterback to play behind the gigantic line Coach Wiliams is currently constructing (Yes, I know Drew Brees is short, he’s also an exception to the rule, and has mastered throwing with weird arm angles and throwing from his tip toes).

While Piferi profiles as a good athlete, that’s just a bonus feature. Brohm likes him because he has a strong arm, throws a nice deep ball, and can stand tall in the pocket and deliver with pressure in his face. If you’re trying to figure out who the starter will be this year, consider the type of quarterback Brohm recruited into the program and think about which QB on the roster best fits that profile.

Geography doesn’t matter for Purdue and QB recruiting:

When Brohm came to Purdue he said that quarterback was one position they would recruit nationally. He puts his board together and goes out and gets the guy he thinks best fits his system. This has taken Purdue out West the last 3 years. Purdue doesn’t have to recruit QBs exclusively west of the Mississippi, that just happens to be where the talent Brohm likes lived the last 3 cycles. Coach Brohm is confident in his ability to recruit quarterbacks and sell his offense. His results have more than justified that confidence.