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81 Days Until Purdue Football: Darius Pittman

An important role player on the offense is on deck today.

Champs Sports Bowl: Purdue v Maryland Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images

Today we have a player that isn’t a huge headliner, but he plays such a vital role in the offensive scheme that we run.

Darius Pittman - Sophomore

Saint Stanislaus High School - Gulfport, Mississippi

6’3”, 250 Pounds

Tight End

2018 Projection - Reserve at Tight End

When we run a two tight end type of offense, the number three tight end better be damn good as well, in case of injury. Lucky for us, he is.

Darius Pittman is an absolute stud, last season, he was used a bunch on special teams and on offensive plays where we needed an extra blocker. Now, he isn’t an extraordinary pass catcher, but he can run routes if need be. I define his role as more of an “H-Back” where he can line up in the slot, the backfield, as a wing or hand in the dirt at tight end - but is primarily used to block.

Pittman, once upon a time, was a Western Kentucky commit, but when Coach Brohm came this way, he followed. On his Rivals page, he is a 6’3”, 225 Pound wide receiver. There was talk at one time that he may stay there. But, after getting in a college weight room, his role is clearly defined at tight end.

We are pretty fortunate at Tight End, we have two studs, a great third option and then there is even depth behind him. But Darius plays one of the most important roles in the team.