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Purdue Football Draft: Pick 2

We now have a fully armed and operational Brohmfense

NCAA Football: Purdue at Wisconsin Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

When Kyle came up with this idea yesterday I was excited by it. It gives us some good content throughout the summer as we hit the doldrums. hopefully we can keep it at around a pick per day.

His pick of Markus Bailey overall is a good one. Bailey is probably the best overall player on the team and is in line for a monster year. I am old school though. I want some offense, and I am excited to see what a fully armed and operational Brohmfense can do because our defensive depth is... yikes.

Ah well, winning 49-45 is still winning.

David Blough - QB

I know. I picked a guy who may not even play that much, right? I love what Elijah Sindelar did to finish last season, but I have questions about him coming back only nine months after a second ACL surgery. Blough provides a little more mobility and he has always been my guy. Plus this allows for my diabolical plan of sitting Sindelar, then applying for a medical redshirt to get him a sixth year in 2020.

Both guys had their moments though. Sindelar was excellent on a torn ACL and in the wind at Iowa. Blough absolutely shredded Missouri in the first 20 minutes during the first game where we looked at Purdue and said, “Hey, we might actually be good.” Both guys are coming off of major surgery and split time last year.

to me, the two deciding factors were completion percentage (65% for Blough vs. 55.8% for Sindelar) and mobility. Blough can still move around the pocket a little bit better. he had 102 yards rushing and a pair of TDs. Sindelar had -52 yards, so technically the Boilermaker Statue rushed for more.

I don’t think you can really go wrong with either, but Blough is a senior, so I will roll with him.