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Purdue Football Draft: Pick 27

A veteran cornerback is taken.

NCAA Football: Illinois at Purdue Sandra Dukes-USA TODAY Sports

With today’s pick, I am going to address my cornerback position.

Kamal Hardy

Travis took the two young corners, with Dedrick Mackey and Kenneth Major. They very well may be starters. But, I am more comfortable with taking the savvy veteran.

Hardy played in 8 games last year. Also, he truly is a savvy veteran. He was granted an extra year because of injury. He was only supposed to have two seasons at Purdue after transferring here from JuCo.

He really is a savvy veteran too, because HE IS 25 YEARS OLD. That is old for college football. He was born in April of 1993. He will literally have teammates this season that will have been born in 2000.

So, I am taking the guy who is 5 years older than Travis’ corners and has had game experience.