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Purdue Football Draft: Pick 15

It was too good of an opportunity..

Michigan v Purdue Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

With my last pick, I finally took a skill position guy, with the pick of Jackson Anthrop.

I did think Travis would respond with taking one of the Tight Ends, a wide receiver or a running back. Instead, he surprised me by taking Sophomore OLB Derrick Barnes.

Well now, I have a chance that is too good to pass up, with taking Navon Mosley.

Navon Mosley, Safety

Mosely is the Free Safety of this team. Earlier in the draft, I took Strong Safety, Jacob Thieneman. Now, I have both starting safeties, giving me the box safety and the ball hawk, in Mosley.

Last year, Mosley was a surprise to a lot of people. He started as sophomore, when many people did not expect him to start. He and Thieneman both surprised me last year and now I have both on my team.

He started all 13 games last year, racking up 65 tackles and 2 interceptions. Expect another tick in production for the junior.