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Purdue Football Draft: Seventh Pick

Another defensive staple for Kholderf.

NCAA Football: NCAA Football: Purdue at Iowa David Scrivner-USA TODAY Sports

Travis and I had a run of offensive lineman for a few rounds.

After the top lineman came off the board, I think we will settle down for a few rounds now.

I am pretty happy with my pick here.

Jacob Thieneman - Safety

Thieneman was the leader of the secondary. The former walk on has etched himself into a starting role, last season, many thought with the addition of T.J. Jallow, he would be the starter - but to no surprise to me, Jallow has been moved to OLB.

Thieneman has great ball skills and can come down and make hits. The undersized safety was actually ejected last season for a helmet to helmet hit, one which I did not agree with. But, it shows he is not afraid to stick his nose in there.

Thieneman should be in the top 4 of tackle leaders on the team this upcoming season. Expect him to be used all over the field in different packages for Nick Holt. He is the walk on no one expected to start 3 years ago. Now, he is going into his 2nd straight year of starting.

T-Mil is up.