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Purdue Football Draft: Pick #6

T-Mill picks up a Swiss Army Knife

NCAA Football: Purdue at Wisconsin Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Oh, you’re going to take Kirk Barron, Kyle? He is definitely the veteran presence along the offensive line, but he is not the only person that can snap the ball back to the quarterback. That pick forces my hand, I am afraid:

Shane Evans - OG

Evans was gold on the graduate transfer market. He was a grad transfer with two full years of eligibility and experience at multiple spots on the offensive line. In my mind he was the biggest offseason pickup by Jeff Brohm in year one, and that includes all the incoming recruits last season. Brohm saw a glaring deficiency (the offensive line was a complete shitshow under Hazell) and immediately plugged a hole with a starter caliber player.

That’s why I like Evans with this pick. He can play both guard and center. Now I can pair him with Hermanns and I have the base of a great offensive line. In just year two Brohm has shored up the line (at least the starters) and I have two of them.