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Purdue Basketball Recruiting: Austin Reaves Visiting

Could Coach Painter land a 3 point ace?

NCAA Basketball: Wichita State at Cincinnati David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

There has been wind that Coach Painter was getting a transfer to visit this weekend.

That transfer is Austin Reaves, a lengthy wing. Reaves, would have to sit a year to play two - but it would be totally worth it.

Reaves is a 3 point Ace. His freshman year, he shot 50.9% (!) from three - in 12 minutes per game. This past season, he played 22 minutes per game and shot 42.5% from three.

Reaves was a former three star prospect out of Arkansas spent two seasons at Wichita before opening himself to the transfer market. His length and shooting ability have made him one of the most sought after transfers this off-season.

Reaves was scheduled to visit Michigan after Purdue this weekend - but it appears as if that visit is off.

Here is a list of Reaves’ final four going into his last visit this weekend at Purdue.

To me, the big ones we have to beat out are Oklahoma and Iowa State. Oklahoma was thrown all over ESPN this past season, making their name relevant. Iowa State, being in the Big 12 makes them a threat as well.

Reaves would be a big time get. After this season, our lone true sharp shooter is Sasha Stefanovic. Reaves could fill the void of Ryan Cline right away.

Here is to hoping Reaves becomes a Boilermaker.