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Purdue Football Draft: Pick #4

NCAA Football: Ohio at Purdue Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

So we might have picked the quarterbacks a little too early, but whatever. I made my pick and I will stick to it. Of course, the NFL has proven that even the best quarterbacks are garbage without an offensive line. Just look at the Colts with Andrew Luck. Assuming his arm is still attached to his body, he should get even better now that Indy realizes they need to protect him.

That is the basis for my pick.

Grant Hermanns - OT

Give me a big ugly. Hermanns had a great year at the hardest position on the offensive line last season as a redshirt freshman before tearing his ACL. It was his job to protect the quarterback’s blind side, and he did very well at that job before leaving during the Rutgers game.

He should be back at full strength before the season starts and he is going to be the anchor of the offensive line for years to come. As a whole, the unit exceeded expectations last year after being a disaster under Hazell. Since it was Hazell that recruited Hermanns it was his final parting gift.