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Harbaugh, Why You So Obsessed With Us?

Seriously, just leave us alone.

NCAA Football: Indiana at Purdue Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

“So this summer I was throwing an all Purdue commit pool party, but like I couldn’t invite Jim right, because there are Purdue commits there. So his AD talked with my AD, he stopped recruiting for awhile, and I guess now he’s back and only wears Khakis.”

All joking aside, for real Jim, why you so obsessed with us?

We have George, back off.

We offered George first, anyway - we offered January 20th, 2017 according to his Twitter.

Michigan, you came into late to be a part of this relationship, trying to slide into the DMs late. You didn’t even offer until May of 2017.

I understand offering Yanni, we will shortly as well. He is a rare talent, a stud for an athlete that will only be a sophomore in HS. Here, watch some tape on him from his Freshman year.

See, he is good, but I still think it is early for the offers to roll in. There is only one common piece, George. But we will offer Yanni before too long I am sure. Maybe at the camp this summer.

But, with living in Lafayette and being around a ton of football coaches all day yesterday, there is a rumor going around that I really think is strange to me. The rumor is, Harbaugh got the track coach to start recruiting George’s girlfriend.

I am sure she is a great athlete and is deserving of the recruitment. But, the rumor that Harbaugh approached the coach to get the process started is just slimy to me. He is doing anything to sweeten the pot for George to leave us and go there, why you so obsessed with us?

Maybe he started to get obsessed with us when the whole X-Ray situation came up. Even though it was totally blown out of proportion, as it was deemed not an urgent emergency. But you can look it up again on Google if you would like to see how blown up it really was.

Jim, just do us a favor, leave George alone. He loves it here, why try and take him away. Purdue, while we are at it - lets go ahead and offer Yanni and show interest in George’s girlfriend.

So, Jim, why are you so obsessed with us?