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2018 Purdue NFL Undrafted Free Agent Signees

The draft is over and only 1.5 Boilers got drafted, but the Undrafted Free Agent List is always popular.

NCAA Football: Nevada at Purdue Sandra Dukes-USA TODAY Sports

The annual meat market of the NFL draft is over. For the 21st straight season Purdue has had at least one player drafted in the form of Ja’Whaun Bentley to the New England Patriots. The draft is not the only way to the league though. Since the NFL is paramount among the pro leagues in chewing up young men and spitting them out the Undrafted Free Agent list is always a great way to get the league. Teams have less invested in an undrafted player, but it is still a chance to prove oneself.

Here is where we found Purdue guys going:

Danny Ezechukwu - LB/DE - Philadelphia Eagles

Eddy Wilson - DT - Seattle Seahawks

That’s all I can find for right now. Josh Okonye, Dave Steinmetz, and T.J. McCollum should get a look from someone even as 1 year mercs for Purdue. Gelen Robinson is also almost certainly going to sign somewhere.


It looks as if Anthony Mahoungou is off to the defending champion Eagles as well. Dave Steinmetz is headed to the MIA.