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Nick Saban is Still Scared of Purdue

Alabama is coming to the state of Indiana for a game, but against a piddly team Saban can beat.

NCAA Football: CFP National Championship-Alabama Celebration Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

We have big news! The pre-eminent college football team at the FBS level is coming to the state of Indiana as part of a home and home. This is a huge boon to a state bereft of national championship contenders and is sure to be a sell out even though the game is still a decade away on September 2, 2028.

Where could they be going? Are they going to Ball State? Are they going to a lower quality school in Bloomington? ARE THEY COMING TO PURDUE?!

Nope, they’re playing that school from South Bend with their adorable midget mascot:

What, you thought Saban was going to come to Purdue? Of course not, even though Purdue has had more wins over SEC teams in the last year than some teams within the SEC. Saban has a record of 223-62-1 and an impressive .781 winning percentage over his 22 year career. He also has six national championships.

He is a paltry 1-3-1 against Purdue, however, and is scared to return to West Lafayette.

Saban has a winning record against every SEC program. He only has a losing record against the following schools:

  • Oklahoma (0-1)
  • Utah (0-1)
  • Navy (0-1)
  • Nebraska (0-2)
  • Stanford (0-1)
  • UAB (0-1)
  • Wisconsin (1-2)
  • Purdue (1-3-1)

Not only do we have the most wins against him outside of the SEC (Michigan and Penn State also have 3 each) we have the only tie against him. Even in the SEC the only team with more than 3 wins against him is Auburn with 7.

We’re also the only team to ever win three in a row against him, and that is STILL AN ACTIVE STREAK. Also, Alabama as a program has NEVER played Purdue in football.

Even now, Nick Saban is still bitter about Purdue. When beloved former Purdue football head coach, Joe Tiller, passed away last year, Nick Saban took time out of his press conference to honor Tiller. But even in his press conference, you could tell he was still bitter about the losses, knowing he will never get a win against the legendary coach on Earth:

So instead of manning up and facing Purdue we’ll continue to be his nemesis because he is scared PAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWLLLLLLLLLL. He decided to play little Notre Dame, whom he soundly defeated in 2012. 42-14.

This isn’t new, either, as we touched on it last year.

We will know a few things though. Purdue happens to host Notre Dame on September 23, 2028, just three weeks after Alabama plays there. I hear a transitive win coming down the tracks. Since they are man enough to come to West Lafayette that’s how we’ll have to judge it.

We’re also at Vanderbilt on September 8, 2029, so we could have a common opponent that season too.