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Purdue Football: Spring Practice Update

We are pretty thin in a couple of spots.

NCAA Football: NCAA Football: Purdue at Iowa The Des Moines Register-USA TODAY Sports

It was upbeat.

It was fun.

It was intense.

Purdue Football, even at practice is enjoyable to watch. There were trick plays, there were butt chewings and there was competition.

I haven’t been to a practice since before spring break - but this was a pretty intense practice.

Here is an example, during a offensive team period, the scout team defense couldn’t get lined up - Coach Brohm told them to get their butts off the field, but not as nice.

Coach Holt was intense as ever with his linebackers, which right now the three are - Bailey, Barnes and Jones - a young but talented group and senior TJ Jallow exclusively got reps at OLB and basically a roll safety position.

I was worried about wide receivers coming in, this still remains true. Jackson Anthrop had a pretty good practice snagging passes all over, the one who impressed me the most was Isaac Zico. The JuCo transfer has gotten big, he looks really strong and is poised to be a starter on the outside if I had to guess. The mid-year enrollee Amad Anderson did not practice. If you want to watch a group the receivers are the ones to watch, Coach Shephard is intense and really fun. He interacts with the people there too.

As for quarterbacks, David Blough looked far and above Nick Sipe and Jack Plummer. Sindelar was there, but still recovering from the ACL and did not practice. In my opinion, I thought Plummer looked better than Sipe - Sipe’s arm just lacked something, maybe it was just yesterday but his ball did not have as nice as a spin as everyone elses.

Offensive line starters were: McCann (RT), Yacoobi (RG), Barron (C), Mendez (LG), Swingler (LT). They apparently were not that great yesterday as offensive line coach Dale Williams was never happy.

As for running backs, there were only two healthy. Markell Jones and RS FR Alexander Horvath - who really impressed me with how hard he runs. Knox strained something Monday, Worship and Fuller are still healing up from the season.

I will be interested in who starts on the edge opposite of Kai Higgins. Giovanni Reviere was moved all over and did a good job. Robert McWilliams is a little then for my liking at only 220 but he can really explode off the ball.

At tight end, Hopkins was out but Pittman, Herdman and Tressel all have bodies of NFL tight ends. Pittman reminds me a ton of how Dwayne Allen looked and played for the Colts.

Spring game is right around the corner, if you guys have any questions - drop them in the comments. Boiler Up!