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Tennessee Coaching Search Reveals Jeff Brohm was Never Close

As it turns out, Jimmy Hyams was full of it.

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We, the hated and supposedly irresponsible blogger boys of Purdue, we always right, so let’s take some time to brag a little bit today.

We remember the harried days of late November, when there were tons of rumors that Jeff Brohm would be leaving Purdue after just one season. They were mostly riding on one Tweet from Jimmy Hyams:

Source: Tennessee is closing in a deal with Purdue coach Jeff Brohm. UT interviewed Chad Morris of SMU last night but apparently UT favors Brohm.

— Jimmy Hyams (@JimmyHyams) November 29, 2017

He even doubled down:

As it turns out, he was completely and utterly full of shit. There was a major dump of documents this morning regarding the Tennessee coaching search, and Brohm’s name is nowhere to be found:

But the search was weirder than any of us realized, according to documents that surfaced at a couple of Tennessee media outlets Friday.

John Gruden, Greg Schiano, Brady Hoke, Mike Leach, Paul Johnson, and Dave Doeren are all mentioned, but there is not a single mention of Brohm whatsoever. Even as other groups were reporting that Brohm was gone, we stuck to our guns:

Today has certainly escalated quickly. We expected nothing, then suddenly there was discussion that Tennessee was speaking to Brohm about its open position. That is very likely true and we posted on it late Sunday night. Where things went REALLY crazy is that some hack Sports talk show host in Knoxville said the deal was complete and there would be an announcement that Brohm was going to Tennessee.

For about 20 minutes, people officially lost it. Several sites ran with it like it was done, but we learned our lesson by getting burned too many times. We waited because we wanted more proof than a hack radio host in Knoxville, and eventually things came around. Now, several recruits in his 2018 class are coming forward that Brohm himself is denying all reports.

Yes, we have been wrong before and gone off half-cocked. It is simply refreshing to be right here when everyone else is wrong, and our own reporting helped to disprove it. It is also funny how crazy the Tennessee search actually was.

Season Two of “Brohmfense: Big Ten domination” Begins August 31.