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BREAKING: Isaac Haas’ Brace Cleared by NCAA

Thanks, Engineers!

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-East Regional Practice Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

They were up all night.

The graduate Engineering students at Purdue, that is - not the team. From Monday night to Tuesday morning, they worked on a state of the art brace that has never been made before.

What they accomplished was approved by the NCAA this afternoon, according to ESPN.

That doesn’t mean he will play though.

He remains in a ton of pain. You guys have followed this just as much as I have, you have seen the videos. He has to run with that elbow tucked in tight. Has to shoot free throws left handed and is in pain when he shoots a layup.

Coach Painter said many times he doesn’t think he will play - this still remains the case, for now. Painters two stipulations were, rebound with two hands above his head - which he can but does so gingerly.

He still cannot really shoot a normal shot either. There was video of he making layups - but it remains difficult to shoot free throws.

For now, it appears as a game time decision. But I would say there is maybe a 25% chance he actually plays.