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2018 NCAA Tournament: Isaac Haas is Practicing

We have a brace and we have practice video.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-First Round: Purdue Boilermakers vs. Cal State Fullerton Titans Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Purdue has taken the floor in Boston for its open practice and yes, Isaac Haas is on the floor and practicing. First, we do have a new brace (all tweets credited to their sources like GBI, etc.):

And we see him on the break (against a much lighter defense than he’ll face if he plays):

and finally, some footage of earlier in the week:

I admit, it still seems very unlikely that Haas will play tomorrow night, but it is not 100% out of the question. this is partially because of a new brace Purdue engineers designed:

And here is more on the brace:

The stipulations for him to play still remain: He has to be able to rebound with both hands over he head and shoot free throws with his right arm. I trust Painter in that, because otherwise he is not effective on the floor at all if it devolves into Hack-a-Haas (except for fouling out multiple players, of course).