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Martin Vintage Releases New Basketball Shirt

We have another shirt ready just in time for the Tournament

As the season winds down towards the NCAA Tournament Martin Vintage is back with yet another solid design. Another classic look for the vintage clothing company, this time featuring a Purdue Pete from the early 1980s. The shirt is printed on a premium 50/50 polyester cotton blend, which offers a great fit with little to no shrinkage after washing. MartinVintage is also offering a limited run of Women’s V-neck shirts for this design. MartinVintage set out to design and sell creative apparel that brings to the customer a unique logo that, the customer may have some familiarity with, but hasn’t been printed on a piece of clothing for decades. Head to their website to order this shirt and joint their mailing list, so you don’t miss out on any new releases or promotions!

If you order with their promo code: “HAMMERANDRAILS”, you can get 20% off right now.

We will keep this post up and available at the site, but these are some good looking shirts. Feel free to take a look and buy a few.