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Purdue Basketball: Take a Step Back and Appreciate This Team

I know, the loss stunk.

NCAA Basketball: Ohio State at Purdue Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Guys, losing stinks. I get it. But, it is time for an appreciation post that this team deserves.

I had to turn off social media last night, had to block out all of the hate spewing through our fans. I had to mute our Hammer and Rails Group Chat. Losing stinks, I understand that, I really do.

But, relax.

It isn’t time to Fire Painter.

It isn’t time to panic.

It is time to appreciate what these guys have accomplished to this point of the season.

On last night that is what I kept saying, no matter the outcome of last nigth we need to appreciate what has already happened.

When is the next time we will see a 19 game win streak? When is the next time we will see 21 straight home wins? When is the next time we will see a 23-3 start with an 11-1 B1G record? Maybe never again.

Those accomplishments are nothing to scuff at. I know most of you are still bitter from last night and think those things are nothing. No, they are something. This team, especially this group of seniors have turned the culture back to being a Purdue culture. There was a couple of years that the Purdue identity left West Lafayette. But these guys have made sure that isn’t going to happen this year or even in the foreseeable future.

We need to recognize how hard it is to win this many games, and that many games in a row. We have not lost a game since Thanksgiving Weekend guys. Put that in perspective. A lot has happened since then right? A lot of other teams have been knocked off since then.

We got beat by an Ohio State team that has a first round draft pick and that is sprinkled with 4 star talent. They had a couple of guys score the ball well that usually don’t.

The sky is not falling. I woke up this morning and I checked my phone. We are still tied for first in the B1G. We control our own destiny. We have a big match up with Michigan State on Saturday. My goal for this week has always been to split the two games.

We still have that opportunity.

There is still basketball left to be played this season, a lot of it. Anything can happen, on any given night. Don’t stop supporting these guys and Coach Painter. They have an opportunity to still have a very special season. A season that we have never seen in West Lafayette before.

They have already given us a few things we have never seen, never count these guys out.

19 Straight wins.

23-3 Start.

It is still only February. Appreciate how special this team has been and how special this team can be in the coming weeks. I am still all aboard on the train. Boiler Up.