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NSD: Ask The Recruiting Guy

I’m a man of the people, and this is what the people want to know.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 25 Indiana at Purdue Photo by Michael Allio/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

I thought I would open the floor up for some twitter questions.

Why will this class lead Purdue to 4 straight national titles?

Purdue will be the only college campus saved from the death ray, and therefore, Purdue will be the defacto National Champions for the rest of time. Go ahead and print the tee shirts.

Will this class fill the holes left by seniors?

Yes and No (how is that for an opaque answer).

On offense, the WR is immediately improved, other than that, this is a developmental class. It will be best to not rush any of these guys onto the field (other than at WR).

On defense, again, this is a developmental class. If you’re having to put 3* guys on the field as true freshman, they either need to be vastly under rated or you need to be extremely desperate.

That said, we might be extremely desperate at defensive end.

If I had to pick one guy to put on the field next year on defense, it would be Jaylan Alexander, just because I think he is physically ready to compete.

Will this class keep the success from last year going?

Anderson, Moore, and Taylor will improve the WR position, which was a huge issue until the end of the season last year.

Other than that, you’re probably looking at 2017 class to help in the short term.

Who should I pretend to care about the most? i.e. get their jersey, learn their stats....

If we’re talking short term pretending, then you need to get on the Rondale Moore train. If we’re talking about long term stalking, always go with the quarterback, in this case, Jack Plummer.

3 part question - Will it (this class) make up for the loss on defense? Are there and hidden gems? Who’s the first person to make an immediate impact?

This class was all about building future depth on defense. I think a few of these guys will compete for spots in the 2 deep, but the longer these guys can develop, the better off the program will be.


I feel like the coaches really like Jeff Marks. Marks is a country strong D-Tackle out of Alabama that was overlooked because he is a little undersized at the moment.


Eric Miller is an offensive tackle prospect I like out of Ohio. He is another long term guy that was overlooked because he’s going to need a year or two of training table and gym work to get on the field.

Take your pick out of the Anderson, Moore, and Taylor. All 3 should see early action at wide receiver. Anderson and Moore are such similar players, it’s hard to pick between them. I’ll say Moore for now, but don’t sleep on Anderson, he’s electric with the ball in his hands.

How many of these guys can play point guard during basketball season?

I know this question is a joke terms of basketball, this is a pretty solid football recruiting class. Corey Trice is a solid player for Christian County (KY) and could play a little point guard. Jordan Bonner is a good wing. There are a few others guys but...

Jack Cravaack is the one player in this class that would have a legit shot to walk on the basketball team. He’s currently averaging 15 and 8 for Madeira (Cincinnati, Oh) and has scored over 1000 points and has over 600 rebounds over his career. Cravaack would be a way undersized (even at 6’5) 4 in basketball, which is why he went with football.

Will this be the class that starts showing big time recruits they need to take a hard look at Purdue?

Probably not, even though signing a guy like Rondale Moore certainly doesn’t hurt. I think the first class with some real national level headliners will be the 2018 class, as long as Purdue doesn’t fall off too much next season. Recruiting is usually a year behind on field success.

Why no JuCo guys on defense?

I get the feeling that the JuCo influx last year was sort of a one off for Brohm and company. They needed guys that could play right away, and as we saw on the field, that still isn’t a guarantee with JuCo transfers. More often than not, it takes a year for them to get up to speed.

I think you’ll see more actual transfers and grad transfers before you see JuCo guys in the future.

Got any more questions? Leave them in the comments and I’ll answer them to the best of my ability.