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Purdue Basketball: Isaac Haas to Appear on E60

The big man will be featured on a pretty popular show.

NCAA Basketball: Purdue at Indiana Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, the Purdue Men’s Basketball Twitter sent this out:

It appears as if our beloved Big Man will appear on the very popular E60 television show.

No details have been released on the show, such as date, time or content - but this is great for the Men’s Basketball Team. This is another opportunity for the team to get some love on a national television show.

Obviously, the more national exposure that our program can get, the better. This allows for potential recruits to see us first hand - whether it be our playing style or backgrounds on players, similar to what will occur on E60 with Isaac Haas.

I am sure that something about his shoe size will be mentioned on this E60 - ESPN loves to mention that. But either way, this is great for the Purdue brand and for one of the truly good guys in college basketball, Isaac Haas.

This is a big week for us, I am looking forward to it.