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Purdue Basketball: Analytics Say Boilers Most Likely to Win BTT

We are analytical champs!

NCAA Basketball: Minnesota at Purdue Sandra Dukes-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, in a blowout of Minnesota on Senior Day - Purdue secured the 3 seed in the BTT. We can complain all we want about how if we closed out this, or played better here that we would have a share of the B1G Title, but that is all done and we don’t have a share.

Now, all we can do is win basketball games. First up, the Big Ten Tournament hosted at Madison Square Garden - to appease our east coast elitist friends.

According to analytical genius, Ken Pomeroy, Purdue has the highest chance of winning the Big Ten Tournament.

Here is the bracket of the tournament as well - for reference.

I am happy to say we missed a 3rd match up with Michigan. While we beat them twice, it is hard to beat a team 3 times, especially a team that gives you so many issues with spreading the court.

I am also pleased to announce, we may get that 2nd match up we all complained about not getting with IU - just on a neutral court. Earlier in the season we defeated IU by 7 at the Hall of Calls.

If IU doesn’t take care of business, we either get a Minnesota team that has been taken to the wood shed by us twice, or an extremely athletic Rutgers team, that gave us all we could handle in Piscataway.

So, if we win in the quarterfinals, we probably get either Penn State or O$U. Penn State has beated O$U twice and one of them was an absolute beating. But, like previously stated it is hard to win against a team 3 times. So, we would probably see O$U in the Semifinals for a revenge game.

In the top of the bracket, you would think that MSU would have a walk in the park. But, I do like either Michigan or Maryland to make some noise. Maryland has the guards to make a run and a big man that has played really well as of late. On the other hand, Michigan has won 7 of their last 8 and are as hot as anyone in the nation.

As of now, we are analytical champs according to KenPom. Now it is time to prove it at Madison Square Garden.